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The Best TV Ever

Our camcorder has been out of order for a while. I finally sent Hubby to our new Best Buy to get a cleaner and now it is in working order. I finished the last few minutes of the tape which was in it and rewound it so we could take a look at what had been previously recorded.

Punkin' went bat shit!

He is sooooo excited about watching himself on tv. Though I'm not quite sure if he gets that it is him. He wants to watch the little boy on tv. Or he wants to watch Punkin' on tv. Whatever he calls it, it is his new favorite. He smiles and laughs and points at himself. I smile and laugh and want to cry I love him so much.

The first thing he said when he got up from his nap yesterday was I wanna watch the little boy on tv. So we did. We watched his first Christmas (he was just shy of 4 months old). It was a white Christmas which we certainly won't ever experience again if we stay here. We watched him just lying around in his crib, babbling and smiling and trying to grab his mobile (animals, of course, even back then!).

It was so great. He was such a good baby. Happy and smiling and just perfect. Not that I don't love the little wild hellion he has turned into much of the time now. I think I'm just paying my mommy debt for all of the perfect baby time.

First thing this morning he wanted to watch the little boy again. I put in the tape from his second Christmas, our first back in Alabama, and he said

Oh, Mommy! This is the best tv! This is the best tv ever. The best.

And, you know, I sooooo agree.


Catwoman said...

Oh how sweet he is (and was!)

I need to dust off Little Man's movies from when he was a baby... he might get a kick out of them too.

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering, did you make hubby shovel the sidewalk in front of your house for the snow picture?

Kimberly said... it!

Yankee Belle said...

Great memories make my heart melt. =)

Blue Momma said...

Dearest Anonymous - Hubby LOVED playing in the snow. He would blow (hehe) the whole neighborhood once he got the snowblower going.

He actually would be pissed if our neighbors got to the sidewalk before he got home.

So yes, he did it, but no, I didn't make him.

Jennie said...

Adorable pictures! I am hoping for snow in AL this year (to make up for the current heat.)

ohio blue eyes said...

ahhhhhhhhh! that is so cute! what great programming for him to watch!

yellowdog granny said...

is that just not the sweetest damn that a tear in my eye....????? nah..ole crust jackiesue..doesn't cry..must be rain...

M said...

Oh I can't even bring myself to watch Liam's videos. Just looking at pics make me far too weepy.

Look what a gorgeous little baby your son was! No doubt he wants to watch the little boy on tv!