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36 Months of Love and Laughter - A Letter to My Punkin'

Dearest Punkin',

You are three years old today! It's so hard to believe that that tiny, bawling infant that I brought home from the hospital is this big, talkative, inquisitive rambunctious boy that I see before me today.

I had never really wanted kids. But one day I woke up and knew it was the time. And that I wanted it. Wanted you. Desperately.

After nine months of frustration, testing, and disappointment I was pregnant. Then after nine months of anticipation and wonder, you were here.
I have to say, you weren't what I thought you'd be.

You were so much more. I didn't know I could feel love so deeply or so completely. Unlike what I had expected your cries didn't annoy me. Your diapers didn't make me gag - well, maybe a few times, but I was so glad to have the opportunity to gag over your diapers.
We spent your first six months of life at home, just you and me. We did venture out occasionally to show you off or to buy necessities, but mostly we cuddled and nursed and napped and loved. You wouldn't nap unless you napped on me. Other people seemed to think this was quite inconvenient, but not I. I. Loved it. We moved back to Alabama, which I had swore I never would, just before your first birthday. As much as I hated the idea of it, I hated the idea of you growing up without your family even more. And during that first six months at home with you I had realized that I would like to stay home with you on a more permanent basis. So off to Alabama and it's lower cost of living and it's grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins we went. You have grown into such a little man in the time we've been here. You talk more than I ever imagined a three year old could! And you are so funny! You laugh and smile and joke and just generally melt my old cold heart like I never thought anyone would. You have always been such a happy baby, child, little man. Just a joy to parent.

And even when you are releasing your inner hellion, you are a sight to behold. You, like your Momma, have a temper and don't mind letting it loose. You are stubborn and like getting your way. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way, but you do learn.

There's nothing wishy-washy about you. You have definite opinions, likes and dislikes, and are more than willing to share them with whoever happens to be around. Does this lead to some "interesting" parenting sometimes? Yes. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

What else can I say? You are so smart. You are so funny. You are soooo loving and caring. I just couldn't/wouldn't ask for anyone else to be my child.

Not only do I love you, but I like you. I like you very much. You're my kid, I had to love you. But to like you, too? I consider myself doubly blessed. I would like you even if you weren't my own. I am so happy with the person you are growing into and I'm glad to have the chance to be your mother.

I love that you can't drink your morning warm milk unless you're sitting in my lap. And I love that you say it tastes better while you're there. I love that you think you have to be holding my hand in order for you to go to sleep at night. I love that you say I am your best friend, because you are mine, too. It's cool that, just like me, you like ketchup, but not mustard or mayo. But the whole "cheesy broccoli is yummy" thing still has me puzzled.

Punkin', you are three years old today and I love you very, very much! These have been the best three years of my life and I couldn't imagine things without you. So come over here, give your best friend a hug, and let's watch Little Bear.

It just doesn't get any better than this. I love you more than anything. Even comments.

Your Mommy

First Birthday

Second Birthday

Third Birthday


Catwoman said...

You did it!!!! You wrote a letter to Punkin' and it was wonderful!!! It was sweet, loving and I gobbled it up after covering it in yummy icing!

Happy birthday Punkin'! Glad you're around so that I get to read your Momma's blog and laugh at all your antics!

Mommapeas said...

That was terribly sweet! Thanks for the read. I loved it. Please with pumpkin happy birthday - I think I've already put that somewhere, but darn it, Happy Birthday again!

ohio blue eyes said...

What a wonderful letter to punkin! What a beautiful boy!

Rachel said...

Damnit you made me cry! What a sweet post. One day when he reads this, it will make him cry too.

Happy Birthday, Punkin!!

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

Exactly the right combination of sweet, sarcastic, sappy & humor. Catwoman's right. Perfect letter to the little guy. Two very big thumbs up. Happy B-day, Punkin!

Serina Hope said...

Happy Happy birthday to Punkin. He is a cutie pie. I adore this post. So sweet. Punkin is a lucky guy.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

That was a GREAT letter to him! I hope you printed it to put in his baby book. I know he will treasure it when he is older. Give your guy a big squeeze from us. He looks like he is an amazing little man!

buddha_girl said...


Just beautiful! Happy Birthday to Punkin! He's so wonderful.

The three pics at the end made tears roll down my face. Cripes, how they change!

You wouldn't say this because contrary to your blogger persona, you're humble...but he's as amazing as he is because he has YOU for a Momma!

Gloria said...

That was multitasking at its best: baby in one arm and a pampered cat in another. No love's lost. *grin*

Happy birthday to your cute little punkin!

Psst Punkin...enjoy these couple of years being able to wreck havoc and not get into trouble for it. When your mummy post a 5 year birthday post, that's when I feel for you. My strategy will be to beg to have a little brother/sister by then so that you can put the blame on them. There's not much you can blame on the said cat. Or even four cats. You know? Don't say I didn't warn you. And don't tell your mummy.

Emma in Canada said...

Ah that was good. Do you think it's too late for me to do Sophie's first birthday letter even though she turned one 3 weeks ago? Damn my neglectful mother ways.

Cathy said...

great photos.

it goes so fast, doesn't it?


Jo Beaufoix said...

That's a fab tribute.
Punkin is a very lucky little man.

lisa's chaos said...

Ah, Happy Birthday Punkin'! What a swell mom you have!

Happy Homemaker said...

What a sweet letter! What a great momma!

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

Happy Birthday! Such a sweet post. I love that you have pics for each year!