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100 Things About Me

In honor of my 100th post, I'm going to entertain enlighten thrill amuse bore you with 100 things about me. So get a big glass of your favorite beverage, take something to keep you awake, and then get as far down the list as you can! Just remember, this is about me, not Punkin', so it won't necessarily be entertaining, but humor me just this once.

1. I was born in Alabama

2. But I was meant to be a New Englander

3. I met my husband while selling shoes (both of us) at JC Penney

4. We were both still in college

5. He is just shy of four years younger than I am (Yes, I am a cradle robber!)

6. I started college when I was 16

7. And finished my last degree when I was 29

8. I got my first "real" job when I was 29

9. I never really wanted kids

10. But found out that I really love having a kid

11. I would like to have ten more

12. But I am too old and too poor to afford them

13. Plus I can't seem to get/stay pregnant

14. I don't like mustard or mayonnaise

15. I love ketchup

16. I love ketchup on steak even if you think I am weird and that ketchup on steak is gross

17. I cuss way too much to suit most people, but

18. I am pretty good at controlling it, unless I am angry

19. I sometimes get angry - a lot

20. Housekeeping isn't my forte

21. I do a mean cross stitch

22. But I can't design anything, only follow directions

23. I could care less if two men get married

24. I voted for Al Gore, John Kerry and Ted Kennedy

25. I can't talk politics with my mother

26. Or the rest of my family

27. Except for my 90 year old Granny. Who knew she was a closet liberal?

28. I have three cats which are my other children

29. They all sleep with me

30. I like to paint - walls, not art

31. I haven't stayed in touch with very many people from high school

32. But I wish I had

33. I have rekindled friendships with several classmates who I found on

34. I missed them dearly over the years

35. My son is my pride and joy

36. He is my greatest accomplishment

37. My son just ran into his room with a whole box of Scooby-Do gummy treats

38. I am good at being sneaky, but my son isn't

39. I don't really believe in spanking, but I have done it from time to time

40. Spanking never worked on me when I was a child

41. I can be very stubborn

42. I often think I am right

43. I often am right

44. I hate to be wrong so I will be silent in order to avoid being wrong

45. I will admit when I am wrong - if you can prove I was!

46. I have lived in three states - Alabama, Massachusetts, and Michigan

47. I loved Massachusetts

48. I will probably not live there again until I/we retire

49. I really like purple

50. I could live off of chips and salsa and spicy ramen noodles

51. I hate, hate, hate being on a budget, but

52. I love, love, love being at home with my Punkin'

53. I am really having a hard time thinking of 100 things to say about myself

54. I was a cost accountant before I became a SAHM

55. I love working with Excel and I have the new Microsoft Office- anyone need any spreadsheets done?

56. I took a Visual Basic class and had my employer buy me the software, but never coded a thing

57. If I was younger I would soooo go back to school and study computer programming

58. I may get my teaching certificate in a year or two and eventually teach math

59. I will probably never work in accounting again

60. I now value having a family friendly job over being well paid

61. It really sucks that family friendly jobs tend to not be well paying jobs

62. I love animals, all kinds

63. I love cats in particular

64. I was forced to go to church for the first 16 years of my life

65. I do not go now

66. I don't drink much, but

67. I often want to

68. I am a reality tv junkie

69. I am a tv junkie

70. If I wasn't married, and if I were electronic, I would marry my DVR

71. I think Moe Doodle is hot and do not tell me I am creepy

72. I wish I could sing well

73. I sing really badly

74. I would like to be bitten by Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

75. I would like it to happen multiple times

76. I have a distant ancestor who went to Oxford and who worked on the King James Translation of the Bible (what the hell happened between then and now?)

77. I have extremely curly/frizzy hair

78. I have blue eyes

79. I like making the decisions

80. I dislike making all of the decisions

81. I feel like I know the people whose blogs I read

82. I think this makes me kind of weird

83. I don't care that it makes me weird

84. I am a total comment whore - please leave comments, please

85. I should have put #84 higher up the list because no one will make it this far, making it irrelevant, along with this one

86. I like being around people, but

87. I also like time alone

88. I stay up to 2am most mornings to get that alone time

89. I don't get enough sleep and appear to be a zombie some days

90. I really like to talk and very seldom run out of things to say

91. Except for on this list - this is hard

92. I stay online waaaaaaaaaay too much

93. I tend to plan things really far in advance

94. Then I wait until the very last minute to implement the plan, causing much stress

95. I would do anything for those I care about

96. I would do anything to those I don't

97. I can be a bitch

98. I'm proud to be a bitch

99. I'm one from the end and can think of nothing else to say.

100. If you made it to 100 I just want to say I love you! In a nonstalkerish way, of course.


Mommapeas said...

I made it to the end!

Valerie said...

# 97 and 98 are totally me too! Thanks for coming by my blog.

Absolutely Bananas said...

Happy 100th post! I love reality TV too... although I'd never admit it. Oops, I guess I just did, didn't I?! ;)

ohio blue eyes said...

cost accountant?
we are forever friends that i know you too can roll standard costs forward and count inventory.

fellow dorkwad

Catwoman said...

I made it to 100 too! I'm absolutely obsessed with the 100 lists that appear on my favorite bloggers' sites, because I feel like it's a crash course about my favorite peeps!

And Moe Doodle???? Bwa haha!!!! So was that the REAL reason you took Punkin' to the concert? And if so, did you throw your panties at Mo? Because that would have been HYSTERICAl!

Rachel said...

Happy 100th!!! I made it to then end!! I heart spicy ramen noodles!!

Anonymous said...

Um....are you and I related? 3/4 of this list could SO be written by myself.

That budget thing? *sigh* I think I need to learn how to do one of those.

You? ROCK!!

Kimberly said...

Alright, that cinches it. I'm a loyal reader forever now.

You rock!

Have you been on Facebook yet? Wowsa!

random_mommy said...

I made it! I read loyally, but comment only occaisionally. Mainly because I worry that my comments might be stupid.

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

I love ketchup on just about everything, too. Ever tried baked potatoes or eggs? Actually I used to eat it straight until I gave it up for Lent one it just doesn't take THAT good anymore.

The Moe Doodle thing cracked me up, too. Cause the front page of the paper yesterday was about creepy people on kid tv & he was the #1 creep. HA.

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Congrats on 100 posts!

I also hate being on a budget, grrr!

How did you add stumble it to your blog? And do you know how to add sk*rt? You seem much more computer literate than me.

I'm a Mom!..? said...

Made it -- and it was worth the read!

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

Whoo. another brain fart. Damn baby depleting my brain cells. That was supposed to be ketchup doesn't TASTE that good anymore. Man. I often wonder if I can walk and chew gum & somehow am intrusted with small impressionable child. Geez.

I'll see if I can find a link to the Moe Doodle article. I actually happened to see it on the actual "paper" copy of the paper.

buddha_girl said...

LOVED learning these new things about you!

I'm also a reality tv freak. I can't get enough of it.

Like you, I sometimes sit up until 2am so I can have some "alone" time as well.

Too much more to say...I'm not hi-jacking your post!

Serina Hope said...

74. I would like to be bitten by Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

75. I would like it to happen multiple times
I loved your list. I feel like I know you too. And we get along great!

Woobie said...

Moe Doodle? HAHA!! Unfortunately, yes, that is creepy. We just started watching the Doodlebops this week. My husband says that The Wiggles bother him in a "I'm Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC" sort of way, and the Doodlebops bother him in a creepy clown sort of way. HAHA!

I read all the way to the end, and I enjoyed it. Good to know you better!

Redneck Mommy said...

No where on the list does it say that you are um, vertically challenged!


Who's Moe Doodle? Never mind, it's probably better I don't know.

Emma in Canada said...

YOu should go look for friends from high school on facebook...and while you're at it, add me!

I think you probably have a cleaner house than I do. I can follow cross stitch patterns too but I could never design anything. I can't even do a french knot actually.

And ketchup? Yuck! It is meant for hotdogs and hamburgers ONLY. Though Saoirse puts ketchup and chicken salt on everything.

Rachel said...

I related to several things on your list. My parents forced me to go to church 3+ times a week. (!)

I also really enjoy alone time, as well as time with friends.

Jennifer said...

I believe we were actually separated at birth!! Except my hair is straight and my eyes are brown and I despise reality TV. But other than that, we are KIN!!!!

terri said...

You are very cool! I read the whole thing and loved it and found we are similar creatures in many ways... so, I would just like to say, I love you too! (In a non-stalkerish kind of way...)

"MommaDrool" said...

You might be the funniest person I have ever met! Happy 100!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

OMG, we have way WAY too much in common! This is a GREAT 100 list! I am so glad that you did it. I have been feeling the need to maybe to one myself, but haven't gotten off my arse to do it yet. Um, Moe Doodle. Totally hot. And boy, do I have a cross-stitch website for you! You are going to love this--if you have not been there already...

M said...

Your 100 things made me die laughing. Love it. Agree with so much of it. come paint walls with me. It's SO FREAKING SATISFYING, no?

(And dude, I think you can stop begging for comments! look at you go!)

Devilish Southern Belle said...

Thanks for sharing; we have a lot in common :)

I need to re-evaluate my budget and shopping techniques and spending habits. Birthdays and the holidays are coming up soon, and I don't want to feel stressed out.

Sunny said...

Hey Comment Junkie,
We have a couple things in common. I used to live in MA and like time alone too. Currently painting my walls. Still haven't decided whether it is a likable activity. Since I don't NOT like it yet, maybe that is another commonality.

Debs said...

From one bitch to another hi. I like purple as well. I enjoyed reading your list. I love to cross stitch so I had to post to a fellow stitcher. :)

Jessica said...

Love it--and I can see how the comments can get addicting...the most I have on any post yet is 5, but I am new. I would cry tears of great joy to have 27 (now 28) comments on one post. But your blog rocks, so I guess it makes sense. Happy 100!

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

Happy 100!

I hate mayo and am stubborn, too!

angel said...

i love these 100 things lists!
and perfectly ditto on numbers 9, 10, 20, 28, 31, 35, 49, 69, 77, 78, 81, 84, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 92, 93 & 97!

Lil Mouse (Jill) said...

happy 100th post. that's awesome, everyone should do that, it would be easier to get to know them.. umm i wonder how many posts i have? should i count? hmmm