Life in the Fish Bowl


Who Did You Say I Looked Like ??!!!!???!!???!!

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random_mommy said...

AHHHH!!! Too funny!
One million dollars!
All he needs is a hairless cat.

Yankee Belle said...

Too classic.

buddha_girl said...

OMG I just read several of your previous posts and am dying laughing here!

Punkin pooping in the potty is just righteous! I love it! And that worm? Sheesh, woman, I need some connections here. I gotta get some worms for my kid, Buddha. He may have only turned two, but he's interested in the potty. I'm all about taking advantage of THAT!

Here's to poop in the potty! Like you, I'll likely try to snap a shot of Buddha's first poop!

random_mommy said...

OMG! I had to come back here today to look again! Cracks me up! hehehe