Life in the Fish Bowl


What My Kid Has Learned From His Babysitters

  • To count backwards from ten. Don't remember which sitter this one was, so I'll just thank you all.

  • That at a dance party you do the limbo and the mashed potato. Thanks so much Minnie, Goofy, and the whole Mickey Mouse Club House.

  • Are we there yet? Are we there yet? My eternal ingratitude for teaching Punkin' this phrase goes to Bob the Tomato and the rest of his goody-two-shoes Veggie pals.

  • What works? Teamwork! Linny, Tuck, and Ming Ming - you are the best!

  • Cheeky engines boys tend to get into trouble. Thomas, you rule.

  • A caterpillar makes a chrysalis and then turns into a butterfly. If I could only be as good a Mom as you are, Ms. Spider!

  • That not only can you have a squishy frog to play with, you can have a frog in your throat. Franklin, you are a great sitter, even if you do shed on my couch.

  • That the big green laundry bucket makes an excellent transporter to Dino World. Harry you and your bucket full of dinosaurs can pay the copay when the inevitable happens.

  • Classical music can be really cool. If it weren't for you, Einsteins, Punkin' would be doomed to a future of Barney and Wiggle tunes. Plus, Choo Choo Soul plays at the end of your show. Which brings us to .....

  • Classical is great, but even a two year old can appreciate a good soul jam. Thanks Genevieve for making kids music that doesn't make a mom want to jab an ice pick in her ears.

  • To respond to frustration or aggravations with Eye, yie, yie, yie. Barney, you really need to tell BJ to watch the vocabulary. Punkin' sounds like a 70 year old man.

  • And last, but certainly not least, Scooby-Doo. You even sat with me when I was a kid. You've aged much better than I have. Thanks a lot for convincing my Punkin' that there are monsters in his closet and ghosts in his room. And instead of being some cute animal or superhero or a talking dog with a hippie best friend for Halloween he wants to be a ghost. A scarrrry ghost. Thanks a damn lot.


ohio blue eyes said...

isnt it great to have a whole slew of babysitters? but barney needs to go away, STAT.

Anne Bradshaw said...

Oh, I did laugh at all these treasures. Reminded me of days gone by--way gone by. Glad I found your blog today.

If you like Yorkshire Pudding, hop on over to my blog and click on the comments for All Fours.

I'm a Mom!..? said...

Yes, I must thank Dora for the Spanish lessons.

mcewen said...

Wanna trade!

buddha_girl said...

Before I had my kid I swore I'd NEVER have Barney in my house. Never say never. *sigh*

My husband has a serious crush on Genevieve. SERIOUS.

Excellent list, woman! I'd have to add Elmo and his deranged laugh to the list.

Catwoman said...

I heart Wonder Pets! I actually regularly sing to my coworkers "What's going to work? TEAMWORK!" when we are working on a project together. I'm sure they refer to me as "the weird one" behind my back, as neither one of them have toddlers to get the reference.

Also on my list of faves? Jack's Big Music Show. If you haven't caught it yet, you MUST! Awesome music, and the beginning of the show always makes me giggle, because as Jack walks from his house to his clubhouse, his mom always yells something like "We don't have much time, Jack, we're going to be late for baton twirling/ping pong/fly fishing/etc. lessons." A tribute to all those moms who sign up their kids for way too many ridiculous lessons, while us normal ones let our kids watch Noggin.