Life in the Fish Bowl


And Now Back to My Life

We have now been three days without a poop accident. Punkin' even asked to go to stinky (ok, now that's his word, not mine!) in the potty today.


We can now rejoin the world of the toilet using, clean underwear wearing, staying in more than one room of their house people. This blog will hopefully get a little more interesting as I get to experience something besides my tv, the loveseat, and the bathroom floor. Today I was even able to cook dinner and make some bread since I didn't have to be on poop watch all evening.

My to-do list is about a mile long due to our nearly month long period of house arrest.

I need to:

  • clean the basement. We haven't been able to go to the basement because it is carpeted and for some reason I just don't like urine and poop soaked carpet. I'm just weird like that.

  • buy groceries. I think we have a can of turkey chili with no beans, a can of fruit cocktail, some tuna in oil (uhhh, hubby bought that one), and some sun dried tomatoes which expired in 2005.

  • put up the moulding in Punkin's room. I only painted it 5 months ago, so I guess I should cut myself some slack, huh? Plus it is in DH's side of the garage and he is having to park outside, which puts him in a great mood.

  • let Punkin' play with some other kids. He needs out. BAD.

  • buy chain locks for the doors since sweetie pie has learned how to turn the dead bolts and work the child proof locks.

  • get something to go on the table I finally got (after living here nearly two years) to go in my foyer. I have no clue what to get and I am shitty at home decorating. Any suggestions - please include store or website link- would be greatly appreciated. Seriously.

To sum it up, after I get all of that crap done I get to get a life!!! I am so excited. It seems like we have been potty training for years. The few times I have gotten out of the house I keep having the urge to ask people if they need to go potty.

For some reason people sure look at you funny when you ask them that.


buddha_girl said...

Oooooooh I am dreading being locked up in my house like you've been for the last month.

With that said, I have only two other things to say:
1. I have no decorating sense. The mantle above my fireplace is currently 'decorated' with bubbles, a bubble machine, a bubble gun, a hammer, a multitude of screws, and a screw gun. Sure there are some pictures of my kid, but otherwise, nada.

2. The green color of your walls looks almost exactly like the color of Buddha'a bedroom. His is a little brighter. It's called "happy camper." I loved it when I painted it 7 months pregnant and love it now. Good times!

Dx said...

Bread looks great. Send me a sandwich. Wash your hands first.

Catwoman said...

Mmmmm! Fresh bread!

What the hell am I going to do when it's time to potty train? I only get three weeks vacation! I'm pretty much SOL I guess...

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

So you're telling me that I'll be homebound during potty training like I am homebound now because I have two, too small children to lug around? Greeeeeeaaaat.

Jennifer said...

I like the effect of the multi-colored ball under the table. Perhaps you could get a companion for the top, and surround it with fresh flowers and maybe some Little Tykes figures.