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Those Moments

I had a comment, from the always entertaining DX, which questioned why Moms rave about being Moms and Dads don't rave about being Dads. It is way too early in the morning - Punkin' hasn't even finished his milk yet- but it got me thinking.

Why don't Dads rave about being Dads?

My answer is: they do. Well, some of them do. Some do it, they just don't do it as loudly. Or as frequently. Or in quite the same manner. And who listens to them anyway? Alright, that wasn't very nice was it? But it is kind of true sometimes, isn't it?

I think the Dads do love being Dads, it just isn't necessarily considered the "manly" thing to go singing about it in public or even to admit it in private.

It should be, though.

I also don't think a lot of Dads get to spend the amount of time with their children which Moms do. If you are lucky enough to be able to stay at home with your kids, then you are there to wipe the noses, to kiss the boo boos, to read the books and get out the crayons, to cook the Scooby-Doo mac & cheese. Even if you do work, you are probably still the one who does the above.

This allows us Moms so many opportunities to have one of those moments in a day. Dad, who is off earning a living all day doesn't have as many and that's a shame. Dad is tired/grouchy/distracted/
cutting the grass when he gets home from work and doesn't necessarily have the patience that it sometimes takes to deal with kids, so he may miss his small window of a chance for one of those moments.

Of course, when you both get home from work, you may be cooking dinner while he watches Sports Center with his hand stuck in the front of his pants. We will save that discussion for another time.

I know I don't always appreciate Hubby because he is usually on my last nerve, but if not for him I wouldn't have had the choice of staying at home and getting those moments on a regular basis or with such frequency. I wouldn't be able to annoy all of you guys with anecdotes about my precious Punkin' and all of the sweet things he does. If not for Hubby, my window for experiencing one of those moments would also be greatly diminished.

We, as wives, and we, as a society, should encourage the Dads to be as involved as possible in out kids lives. We should make it ok for men to rave about being Dads and to still be considered manly. We should move over and let Dad have more of an opportunity for a moment, even if we could do the task at hand better/quicker/easier/correctly.

Those moments are what cause us Moms to rave.

Because those moments are what it's all about.

(Now no more blogging until nap time. I'm sticking with my resolution: Punkin' time, not web time).


Kimberly said...

Wow - this looks fabulous! Did you create the skin on your own, or did you actually find the perfect one laying around somewhere in cyberspace??

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Your page looks fantastic!

I'm with you on the no blogging til's hard, though!!!
Naptime is NEVER long enough!

Blue Momma said...

Thanks Kimberly & Jennifer. It was a lot of work and I definitely couldn't have done it without starting from someone elses code, but I am pleased with it so far. It is definitely worth the $0 I paid for it!!!

Now that I've said that I'm sure it will delete itself or something worse.

willowtree said...

Whoa, I thought I was at the wrong blog.

I like it! It looks good on you.

CakeHead said...

Awww, yes dads are underrated. Little Man's daddy is the one who plays with him, I'm the one who nurtures (we both do both, but he's better at playing, I'm better at nurturing). I had to chuckle at the Scooby-Doo Mac and Cheese. It's for that very reason that ALL Macaroni and Cheese is referred to as Scooby-Doo supper. I don't think Little Man even knows what it's really called, that's what he's always called it.

P.S. Will you tell me how to get that third column?

Blue Momma said...

Thanks, Willowtree.

Cakehead, All pasta at our house is called mac & cheese. I think we could clean out the litter box, call it mac and cheese and he would eat it. Oh, and I emailed you the details of the third column.