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Smack Down in B'ham (aka Playgroup at My House)

Holding it up for me to see, he says:

Mommy, it's a trumpet!

It makes noise and music!

Just read the rest of the post and I'll show you a picture of the trumpet.


Today we had a playgroup at our house. Punkin' was soooo excited to get to "play with my friends". Of course I was up to 3:30 am trying to bring some order to the chaos that is our house. Then up at 7am to finish things up and run to Publix.

Punkin' loves to play with other kids. He is constantly talking about playing with his friends or seeing his friends or missing his friends.

The thing is, when they get here he promptly starts beating the crap out of them! He hugs body slams them, steals their toys, pushes them, screeches in their faces. I spend the whole playgroup threatening him, putting him in time out and just wishing he would chill the hell out.

Then, when everyone leaves, he asks me where his friends went and when they are coming back. When they are all gone he is quiet and sweet. He is gentle. I am so worn out that I decide to nap with him

For four hours.

We are back up and watching Shrek for the millionth time in the last four days. He has brought animal books in the living room and is peacefully reading them while Shrek pursues his princess.

This is the Punkin' I wish you all could meet. Not the bruiser who terrorizes your kid. Or yells at you. Or hoards all of the toys. I want you to see the little sweetie who loves animals, who hugs his mommy and tells her it will be ok, who loves everyone and misses you when you are gone.

But I guess for now you'll just have to take my word for it.


The Trumpet

I have a cat who carried one of these around, still in the wrapper, for a week or two. It was his favorite toy ever. I sure wish I had a photo, it was priceless! I guess the men around here are a little unusual sometimes, even the feline ones!

And that is crayon on the floor next to the trumpet, not peas.

I promise.


Jennie said...

Did he bring that trumpet out DURING the playdate? Pretty funny!!!

AuburnGalAlways said...


I love it!

M said...

Oh lordie lordie lordie hell. That's just spectacular.

My son, unfortunately, seems to dig in the trash for used pads. That's not NEARLY as cute. *shudders* even if they are rolled in the next ones plastic then wrapped tight as a baseball in tp he grabs that 'ball' to come play.

Your son? FAR cuter.

Little Red's Momma said...

You guys did fabulous today !! He is just the ruler of his domain. All kids are like that to some degree when 20 kids come rolling in the house. My little red most definitely.
Now about that trumpet . . .

Jennifer said...

My son plays the trumpet too, but fortunately he has graduated to a brass one!
Don't worry about Punkin; my son was a bruiser too and nearly got expelled from pre-school. He is now absolutely the best kid on the planet!! I figure it's the quiet, sweet ones you have to look out for; they're sneaky mean and just dont get caught!!!!

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Nice trumpet!

And really, playgroups really are NO place for children. Trust me on this one.

Catwoman said...

I didn't know trumpets were disposable. Probably cuts down dramatically on illnesses during cold and flu season though.

Dx said...

Agree with Jennifer that it's the quiet ones you have to watch out for.

Agree with jennifer aka binky bitch that playgroups are no places for children. Places like high security prisons are much more suited.

I'm a Mom!..? said...

At least he didn't stick it up his nose, that would have been hard to explain at the ER.

buddha_girl said...

holy Jesus! Too damn funny! I love tampon and pad stories. One of my sisters had to buy a HUGE pack of tampons once...and they weren't her brand or 'size' either. Her kid realized mommy had turned her head and took that moment in time to open up the fucking box and flail around like a freak.

Your kid sounds like mine. We are SO working on the whole, damn sharing thing. *sigh*

Mommapeas said...

When my uber-smart cousin was about his age. Her mother called her to the table to join the rest of the dinner guests. After a few minutes, she finally came out and said she was trying to hurry but couldn't get her tampon in. Nice. This same child also once asked (at about the age of 4 or 5) if her Mom ever had "that not so fresh feeling?" (remember those commercials? Classic.

That Chick Over There said...

Oh sweet Jesus that made me laugh SO HARD.