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Say What????

I was leaving a comment at one of my favorite blogs when the question struck me:

Why do kids talk the way they do?

Now I don't mean why do they not use correct grammar or scream to the top of their lungs constantly talk loudly or just never shut up talk a lot.

I mean why can they say some words correctly and not others?

With my Punkin' there is no pattern, no discernible vowels or consonants that he consistently has the same problem with. When he was just starting to talk, I got the funny pronunciations - hey, they were super cute!

mon-yade = lemonade
o-pie = hippopotamus

Now he can say lemonade and hippopotamus. He can say rhinoceros and pretty much every other animal alive or extinct.

He can distinguish between a triceratops and a protoceratops and pronounce them correctly. Come on, he knows more dinosaurs than I do. Dimetrodons. Eupolcephalus. Velociraptor. Stegosaurus. Pteradon. Pterodactyl. Iguanadon. Brontosaurus. Apatosaurus.

(Spelling these dinosaurs? Give me a damn break! The only ones in the spell check dictionary were Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus and Pterodactyl. And yes, I spelled most of them incorrectly. Sue me. My kid can still say them!)

Yet, he calls my computer the poo-doo-ter. (emphasis is on the doo).

He calls yogurt yo-gret.

And he loves him some yo-gret.

Just like his Mommy loves her poo-doo-ter.

Funny how everything in my live keeps coming back to poo or doo.......

Love me some ellipses, too.......


myminivanisfasterthanyours said...

That is so funny with the poo and doo. I hear ya!!