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Hopefully everyone had a great 4th of July. Or a happy Wednesday, depending on how you choose to celebrate it, I guess. We had a good one. My 90 year old grandmother is staying with us for a few days while my parents are out of town (she gets sick every time my mother leaves town). She can't hear so well anymore so I am hoarse from yelling talking to her the past few days.

Right now Granny is out on the deck because it is sooo comfortable cold in the house and so hellishly hot nice outside. Hey, she is 90, so if she wants to bask outside in the humidity and mosquitos, who am I to argue with her.

It also gives me a chance to blog in peace without her asking me what I am reading. I kept waiting for her to ask me what the white spots were on the photos on, but I think she may have been cat napping at that time.

Punkin's cousins and aunt came up for a visit Tuesday, which was a surprise and a treat. Auntie always feels compelled to start cleaning my house. This used to bother me, but I have come to my senses and now anyone, I say anyone, who would like to clean my house is more than welcome. I can't buy you an airline ticket, but if you live within a day's drive of me I'll come pick you up.


We are continuing to stalk the elusive Punkin' poop, but it continues to evade us if at all possible and is definitely a stinky stealthy, smelly crafty beast. I followed Punkin' around all day to no avail, then leave him in the care of my husband who promptly lets him poop his pants in within about 10 minutes of my departure.

It is hours later now and Granny just went to bed pissed off - I wonder if she has actually ever said pissed off?- because I called her on something she said. I get that she is old and that she was raised in the south. But at some point you would think folks would get over their backward ideas and move on. Or at least keep them to themselves if they can't manage that. Or realize that I AM going to say something to dispute these ideas if they vocalize them around me.

It embarrasses me to hear such things from the mouth of my sweet little old granny. I guess she's not always so sweet. But to get pissed at me for saying something just pisses me off more and makes her look worse. You are wrong, wrong, wrong and don't want to hear about it. TOUGH! As they say, don't start shit, won't be no shit! Granny!

When asking Punkin' what kind of birthday party he wants, he has consistently said he wanted jungle animals. Ok, a few times it was ocean animals or dinosaurs, but mostly jungle animals. Know what he wants now? My soon to be three year old son?

A dance party. We aren't dancers around here by any means so I don't know where it is coming from. He does like to sing Shake Your Booty, but a dance party? How the hell do I make a dance party cake?

Dancing monkeys maybe?


I'm a Mom!..? said...

A throw down on the Granny! I love it!

Catwoman said...

You vs. your 90 year old grandma! Ha! I love it!!!!

I'm sure you can find a used disco bowl on ebay. Maybe have a dance off. With toddlers and their short attention span, I would think it would last between 8.2 and 13.8 seconds. What an odd request form an almost 3 year old! :)