Life in the Fish Bowl


Progress Report

Started cleaning.

Tackled ceiling fan in kitchen first.


Someone call the EPA or a HAZMAT team or something.

Windex couldn't handle it so I had to pull out the big guns. 80% of a bottle of 409 and a hour and a half later it is clean.

Someone did a lot of frying at my house before I bought it. They must have done it all on top of the refrigerator, because the blades of that bad boy are like ten feet up, but were covered with grease.

Now don't you go and think I haven't ever cleaned that fan. Don't! Stop! You better not!

But I haven't. This house was built in 1998 and I doubt that fan has ever been cleaned.


  • that MFer is up high. Need the 8 foot ladder to reach the blades, standing on top step
  • never use it. Come on, its in the kitchen
  • nasty ass people who lived here before should have done it
  • thought my husband cleaned it when he was doing the housework (this one is a stretch, right?)
  • I always thought it was a tan ceiling fan and was sparkling, sunshiny clean
  • I am one lazy bitch
Please don't tell me that you are pretty sure the last one isn't just an excuse, but the god honest truth. Don't make Punkin's momma sad.

Just tell me how nice and clean the ceiling fan looks.

At least the one in the kitchen....


Anonymous said...

I am going to do a white glove finger test on that fan when I get there tomorrow!!!!

I'm a Mom!..? said...

I expect spic and span, no less will do!

Catwoman said...

Cleaning a ceiling fan sucks butt munch. So I can't imagine doing it on an 8-foot ladder. Because all you get is to inhale dust. Ugh! At least you won't have to do that again for 9 years, right?