Life in the Fish Bowl


One More Complication

So much for the security of locked doors.

Punkin' just unlocked the deadbolt and went out the front door.

To "go treek or treating".

So much for locking the doors and being able to get a shower. I'll just wear lots and lots of cologne. And a hat.

On the positive side, he did poop in the potty twice today, making this our first day without a poop accident. However, both times were preceded by a half hour or so of him sitting on the toilet and by much screaming and crying.

Oh, and he made a lot of noise, too.

Poor baby. He just really hates pooping in the potty!

Taking a breath between fits. I'm stripping wallpaper, so don't look at the walls!

I might be a whiner, but I read educational material while on the pot! Doesn't your 2 year old read National Geographic, too????

Stop taking my picture! I'm busy... you #@?!*!!!


Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Thank goodness no one takes pics of me while I'm pooping :)!

M said...

This is beautiful blackmail material. He will never thank you for it but I bet his future wife (and his kids!) will!

Catwoman said...

Did you use his incessant screaming to strip the wallpaper? If so, I'd consider you the multitasker of the century!