Life in the Fish Bowl


My Life In Make Believe

Today Punkin' and I went to the zoo. He was so excited! We haven't made it to the zoo in a while - for a multitude of reasons - so we were past due for a trip. On the way there he was talking about all of the animals he was going to see and mentioned he was going to see a mermaid.

Punkin', mermaids aren't real. They are make believe.

No, I wanna see a mermaid.

But mermaids aren't real. They are just pretend. Make believe.

I wanna go to make believe.

How cute is that? But how many times a day do I want to go to make believe? Sooo many. But then I have to stop and realize, I have already gone to make believe. I've got the best little boy ever, even if he does take a dump in my floor occasionally (this morning!!!) and rise with the roosters in the mornings.

The zoo wasn't so great today as most of the animals were either sleeping, hiding, or off exhibition. Punkin' had been wanting a "squishy hippopotamus" - don't ask me where that came from - so we stopped in the gift shop on the way out. No hippopotamuses, but we did find a squishy frog. He was in love.

I guess he had a good time as when we got in the car he told me I was his "bestest" friend. I told him he was my best friend, too, as I melted like hot butter in my front seat.

And that little man is my best friend. He has such a personality! He looooves animals. He loves "some tb". He loves me. He is just a fun kid. He is smart and funny and cuter than a kitten. You know, I'd like him if he wasn't my own. He is funny and so loving. There's not much he would rather do than give you a big hug and tell you he lubs you. And there's not much else I would rather him do!

That kid worries about me, too. I hate that he does - and that he has had to - but he does. A few months ago when I was having one of my mini breakdowns one evening I had got so frustrated I was just lying in his bedroom floor crying.

What's wrong Mommy?


What's wrong? Don't cry Mommy! Don't cry buddy, it'll be ok.


He leaves the room and is gone for a few minutes. Then in comes my husband to see what was wrong. Of course he is much less persistent and gave much less of a shit than my Punkin'. It turns out that Punkin' had left the bedroom, went out the back door, off of the deck and into the yard to find his Daddy and tell him that Mommy was crying. My sweet baby was worried about his Momy.

Well, I've got my head straight now and hopefully there will be no more of him having to worry. The point is I've got this incredibly sweet, caring, sensitive, intelligent little man to raise. I would like to think that I've had an influence on him, but some of it is just who he is.

And that is one incredible kid!

And I love him.

And he is my bestest friend.


Kimberly said...

What an amazing boy.

Emma comforted me through the worst of my PPD struggles. I got a lot of hugs and kisses while Neil was at work. I honestly don't know if I'd have made it through without her. Thanks for reminding me. =)

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Sweet boy! My son looks at me, when I'm crying, like I'm an idiot.

buddha_girl said...

You and he are bonded for life by some of the best experiences ever! You're definitely key in the development of your amazing boy! Being able to unknowingly instill insight and compassion in a little boy should be revered!

Enjoy today with him. I'm taking mine to the park!

Catwoman said...

He just totally melted my heart too! How sweet is he! I wish I had a daughter, because I'd totally make her marry your Punkin'!

M said...

cod what an amazing little man. *swoons*