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Lazy Sunday

My grandmother is 90 years old. She still lives by herself and gets around pretty well, considering she's 90. Thursday night she fell in her apartment and broke her ankle. They took her to the Podunk hospital where there are no orthopedist and on Friday transferred her to the Big City Hospital where she had surgery. Mother spent Friday night and last night was my turn.

Unexpectedly, that is. I didn't think I would have to spend the night, but here I still sit. No hair brush, no toothbrush, no deodorant (and no! I don't stink - yet). Aren't you glad you are out there in internet land and not here with me? HA - I bet you are.

I love my Granny dearly, but I am SOOOO not a nurse! I had been thinking about maybe going into nursing later on, but no longer. Somethings you just aren't cut out for and you need to recognize that. If I can't even take care of my little old Granny, how could I ever take care of strangers. Just call me cold hearted bitch, thank you!

Luckily the Big City Hospital has hospital wide wireless access so I am not having withdrawals or anything. I also managed to knock out a book and a half in the Harry Potter series (seen the movies, now reading the books), all with no guilt over neglecting Punkin' or dirty dishes left in the sink. And NO, I wasn't neglecting Granny as she has been sleeping most of the time.

Except for this morning. At 6am. When she woke me up. For nothing.

Lazy Sunday was supposed to not be a real post, but just photos. I just can't seem to shut up, even when typing. Sue me.


For once we were quick enough to catch the ice cream truck. Guess what Punkin' had?

Savoring the yummy goodness that is Dora, Dora, Dora the Explorer....

As much as he hates being a mess you'd think he'd quit being one!

I can't believe she's all gone!!

The zoo is sooooo much fun!

Punkin' immediately finds him an older woman....just like Daddy!

His first cake beater!

Every cake is a birthday cake for my baby. The blue and green were per his request. (please don't look at the chaos in the background!)

From the zoo....I'll let yall caption this one.


That Chick Over There said...

Love the photos! Such a cutie!

buddha_girl said...

Ha...I'll call that species of mushroom "penis butt."

Tell ole fucktard it's in his honor. I'm sweet and loveable like that.

Sorry about your grandma. Ick on having to stay in the hospital. I can nurse people if necessary and am damn good at it but would NEVER be a nurse. Oh hell no!

Punkin's like Buddha...always searching out the older women.

buddha_girl said...

I want a bite of that damn cake!

Catwoman said...

Glad your grandmother's ok and that you got to catch up on reading. yeah, I'd be a crappy ass nurse too, I'd tell people to quit their whining when they're hemmoraging to death. But seriously, must they whine so loudly?

And you frosted that cake yourself???? It looks professionally done!