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Just Call Me a Wanna Be

I read all of these blogs with these really cool layouts and I feel so inadequate! I want a cool layout, too!

But since my knowledge of html is limited to this or this, I am not able to do much about it by myself.

How about you guys? Can you give me a recommendation of someone who could help me out with a new layout who won't charge an arm and a leg to do it? And who wouldn't expect me to be creative in any way in the process?

I don't mind paying, I just can't spend hundreds of dollars for a layout for my blog. Which my husband doesn't know I have. And since I make him carry his lunch to work instead of eating out due to budget and since he already resents the hell out of this computer I'm typing on, I don't imagine he'd appreciate me dropping a grand we don't have on a blog which makes us $0 a month!

If any of you have any suggestions it would sure be appreciated!

I wanna be cool, too!!!


I'm a Mom!..? said...

I did mine myself, not that it's great -- I'm sending you an email that Mommapeas sent me. It's an easy step by step on how to update it yourself.

willowtree said...

The look is secondary, it's all about the content. If you look at the blogs that have the most readers (Pioneer Woman, Dooce, Amalah etc,) you'll notice that the blog templates are actually pretty bland, and they nearly always just a simple white background.

That said, if you want to change your look, why don't you try googling free templates.

PS. I've never really liked the one your using now. That's not a criticism of you, I'm just not that fond of this particular template.

Kimberly said...

I'll help! I change my template about once a week, and I've learned tons. I find them on Takes forever to find one amidst all the teenage angst/lovey dovey ones, but I think it's worth the time. If you find one you like, let me know, and I'll help you put it on. =)

Catwoman said...

I'm totally stealing the advice that was given to you. What with me not knowing how to do any of that stuff.

I don't even know how to do the cross out thing, so feel free to share all of your knowledge with me, because you're already ahead!

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Designs by Izzy did mine. I also like the these...

Nello designs, Everyday designs, and Temptation designs...I don't have the Urls, but I bet you could google them!

Sarah said...

Heather at SM Designs did mine (check it out!)--she's JUST starting, so I'm sure her fee would be fair.

I'm sosososo psyched about my new look.