Life in the Fish Bowl


Ho Ho Ho

It is July.

We live in Alabama.

It is regularly a hundred degrees.

And humid.

Let's don't even talk about the bugs.

Now I'm all for some wishful thinking and I know Santa Claus can make your wishes come true, but....

A local radio station is playing Christmas music. 24/7.

That's grasping a little, don't you think?

Though it is only 88 today....


buddha_girl said...

My sister would LOVE that radio station. She lives on the coast of VA, and there is a radio station that plays Christmas music 24/7 starting on Thanksgiving and ending on January 1. She listens all the time!

Here's to airconditioning and Benedryl itch gel for the bug bites!

Catwoman said...

Uhm... WTF????

I love Christmas music, but listening to it between Thanksgiving and Christmas is plenty for me.

Jennie said...

Hee, hee- I live in AL too and it is SO hot and SO humid.

I must admit, though, that I just bought a small Christmas tree for a project I am planning to finish in time for Christmas-

Yes, I do need 5 months!!!! I have a 2 year old!

BTW, I just found you through Jennifer Playgroupie's blog and I'll be back for more!

Little Red's Momma said...

It's bad enough when you hear Christmas music on Thanksgiving Day. But NOW??? I love Christmas but that's a hell to the no !!!

M said...

oh for cod's sake. this made my brain explode. (you know, my word verification is przc. if you squint that's kinda like prozac. which is what would be needed for a channel playing christmas music in flipping july!)

I'm a Mom!..? said...

What the hell is with all of the Christmas in July stuff? Have you noticed it's everywhere, stores, radio, benefits. Did I miss something here?

willowtree said...

Whenever I hear Christmas music, I think of temperatures in the mid 90s. Right now it's mid 40s.