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Harry and Shrek and Fiona, Oh My!!!!

I've been away from my blog for nearly a week.

I've missed it.

In the meantime I have been on a Harry Potter binge. I've read books one through six and now just need someone to bum book seven off of (hint, hint). If you haven't picked up on it already, I tend to get a little obsessive about _______ - just fill in the blank. I just pick some random thing and obsess on it and then the urge passes and I move on. But until that urge passes I can only think about the one thing. My eyes are now just tiny slits in my head which are near useless.

And my feeds! OMG!!! I have so many blogs to read. I think every blog which I read - and that's quite a few - has been updated multiple times while I've been away. I am so ready to catch up on all of my bloggy friends! I feel like I've been on vacation and now I'm home and ready to dish!

Punkin' has been quite a handful lately - probably because his bad Mommy has been neglecting him due to having her head in a book nonstop. He is laying in the floor now, putting his train tracks together and watching I-Spy on HBO.

He has also discovered Shrek. We have watched it at least 30 times in the last week. And yes, by we I mean he, as my nose was in Potter Land, of course. We don't have the DVD, but it came on Cartoon Network last week and we DVR'd it.

Punkin' LOVES Shrek! We did have to take a little break in our Shrek viewing as my sister visited with her kids (ages 5 and nearly 4) and they aren't allowed to watch Shrek.

So, help me out here. Was something "bad" cut out of Shrek since we were watching it on basic cable? Cause I'm not getting it. Did Shrek and and Princess Fiona do it during a commercial break? Were the Merry Men a little merrier than is acceptable in sweet home Alabama?

I figure if the worst thing Punkin' picks up is what I saw and heard on Shrek then I am very pleased. That he has never called anyone an asshole or a fucktard (very common around here now!) is amazing! So I can live with any Shrekisms he may pick up.

You'd think I'd have a better post after six days away, wouldn't you? But unless you want to email me about Harry Potter, this is what you get.

Hubby is being an ass so tomorrow's post should be much more interesting!


M said...

Um...I can't think of anything in Shrek that is non kid worthy. I freaking *heart* Shrek. And the parts that are questionable? Make no sense to little kids and are just for adult amusement.

Your sister? Clearly nuts.

I wish Liam would get addicted to some full length animated feature so I could neglect him better! Every 20 minutes is just cruelty to mamas!

buddha_girl said...

Aww hell, I've shown Shrek in my classroom when I've had my limit of interaction with hormonally challenged children.

I took Buddha to see Shrek 3 in the theaters. Of course he had the attention span of a gnat because there were so many interesting things to see and try to eat dirty-ass candy and popcorn left by other fucktards.

Love that you love Harry. I've taught books 1-3 in my classroom. I'm embarrassed to say that I've not read 5-7. I had Buddha, and WHAMMO, Harry had to play second fiddle. I own 5...and will begin reading it today in your honor, Momma.

Catwoman said...

This is where I disclose that I haven't read a single Potter book. (ducks)

I know right?

And Shrek is bad? I didn't know. I think he's hysterical. But then again, I also giggle at farts, so what do I know.

Jennie said...

Shrek is bad? Maybe her kids don't watch TV at all... b/c it seems a lot better to me than most!

Jennifer said...

Now I heard that in the scene where the John Lithgow character was in bed (what was HIS NAME????) he had a woody that you could see through the sheets, but I was never able to confirm that even after several exhaustive hours of research. Other than that, not much that bothers me!! Of course, my six year old sings Akon, so who am I to judge?