Life in the Fish Bowl


Woe is me.....Again

So what was the secret I just couldn't tell?

I was pregnant! Again! We weren't really spreading the news because that really bit us in the ass last time as I miscarried and we had told everyone we knew and a few people we didn't know.

Well, I'm not pregnant anymore. I have miscarried again. Second time in the last eight months. I started having problems on Sunday so - to try to find the positive side of things - at least this time I had some warning and was able to prepare myself. Not that that makes it much better, but it does help to prepare you for the inevitable a tiny bit.

I so want to have another baby before I am too old to bend over to change it's diaper! My doctor says it shouldn't be a problem, that at this point statistics are on my side, blah, blah, blah. We'll see.

I remember when I was younger hearing people talk about "biological clocks". What a joke I thought it was.

Now if someone could just get mine to quit ticking........

Tick tock tick tock tick tock


Serina Hope said...

Hugging you again.
Just push me off if I get on your nerves.