Life in the Fish Bowl


Ode to a Butterbean

Can you believe someone dumped this baby at the MSPCA where he was about to be put to sleep before he was rescued? He took a long time to come around (nearly three years before he would sit in my lap!), but now is just my big furry baby! His owner said he was scared of their new baby, but he first sat with me after mine was born.

All of the cats stay in the master bedroom while Punkin' in up since he is a terror these days, but the minute his door closes they are crying to be set free!

Butterbean, at rest.

You didn't ask me if you could take my picture!!

The Money Shot

Being so good looking really wears you out!

Hey, it's a hot chick! And she has money!

She's playing hard to get, but I know she likes me!


Junebug said...

I love cats, especially orange ones.