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Need a Vocabulary Boost?

I speak English. Some people may beg to differ, but I repeat: I. Speak. English.

I would like to know another language, or two, or three, but I don't. Some Polish friends tried to teach me Polish, but all I came away with was a few curse words.

To get to the point, I was reading Yankee Belle's blog this evening and her post had a title which I assumed was in Spanish. Not wanting to be out of the loop, I do a search for Besa Mi Culo.

I see from the search results that this translates loosely as kiss my ass. I file this for later use and wish I had known this when my painters were here. I also notice a couple of other websites.

Caption: Mexican Spanish Language Swear Words: Profanity, Swearing, Cursing ...'s Spanish & Mexican insults - they had quite a few choice phrases and words, but watch out for the boob shots down the margins of the page. If you know anyone from Bessemer, Alabama, who likes to take photos you might want to skip this one. "Their tag line is "Purveyors of Verbal Filth on the Internet since 1999".

Cool. I'm always up for some verbal filth, though I could do without the Bessemer boobs.

This got me wondering so I googled the same phrase. The first result was The Urban Dictionary. Just to expand my horizons verbally, because, hey, I'm all about higher learning, I did a search on "dick". I was interested to find the following definitions:
  1. Man's most magnificently majestic manifestation of his raw power and potency.
  2. An abrasive man (no shit Sherlock!).
  3. Slang for penis and usually is a stick of intense pleasure.

Are you with me on thinking a man wrote most of these definitions?

In closing, a photo of the tattoo I know you all want:


Mommapeas said...

I had to look it up too!

Yankee Belle said...

Hola amiga! Glad you liked mi posta!

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

Dear Lord!