Life in the Fish Bowl


Need some Tide to go with my Pride

I am so proud of my little man. He is progressing so well with his potty training. He has been dry every night except one and 100% dry on naps.

Of course he takes a great big dump in his big boy underwear every. single. day. Then he tells me, "oooh, it stinks." Now I'm the one who has to wipe his sweet little ass and clean the poop up, but he thinks it stinks. He's right. It stinks in more ways than one.

While I am bragging I might as well get it all out. He is doing great at feeding himself. He only wears maybe 15% of his meals now and getting better everyday. But the important thing is the 10% that end up on the table, his little table, he has started cleaning up himself. He goes to the kitchen, gets a dish towel or six, and wipes his hands and the table. As he goes. Each time he drops a bite he cleans it up. I have lots of wash to do (good thing I have an incredibly well stocked kitchen), but I'm so proud!

Now my sweet, adorable Punkin' is 2 1/2 years old. My husband is 34 and still leaves food all over the counter, floor, couch, himself. Where ever it falls it stays. GRRRRRR. He'll clean it up if I point it out, but hey, if the 2 year old can handle it without Mommy helping, shouldn't the husband be able to? If he starts pooping his pants he is on his own.....