Life in the Fish Bowl


My Little Man is Growing Up!!

For about half of his life Punkin' went to bed by himself with no problem. Then he moved to a full size bed and learned how to open the door and turn on his lights. At this point we had to start laying down with him to get him to sleep or he would just turn on the light and play all night (imagine a hurricane confined to a small room).

Tonight I lay down with him and we read Ten Apples Up on Top, one of his favorites. He finishes most of the pages for me, so I really only read about half of the book. Anyway, we turned off the lights and he kept wiggling around so I asked him if he wanted to go to sleep by himself.

He said yes.

I asked if he was sure, if he wanted me to go in the living room and leave him alone, and he said yes. What a big man my little man is!!! I covered him up, kissed him goodnight and started to leave.

He says "Sweet dreams".

Ahhh, I do love him. He is my sweet dream.