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My Descent into the Abyss OR The First Day of Potty Training

Today we began potty training. It's not the first time we have tried, but it is the first time we are really going to stick with it.

My Punkin' is adamant that he "will not use the potty any more" (direct quote!). He said he likes diapers, doesn't like underwear.

First thing this morning we go to the potty.


We put on our Scooby Doo underwear (now when I say we I hope you know I'm definitely not wearing Scooby Doo underwear - couldn't find any in my size!) and went about our business.

We try again and have a screaming fit. He acts like he is going to hit me and I tell him he better not. So he starts hitting himself until his tummy is quite red. He finally pees, but he is standing sideways screaming at me so most of it goes up the wall and into the floor.

New underwear.

Playing in the living room floor.

Poops his pants AND pees in the floor.

New underwear.

Look for something to mix with the vodka that is in the basement and type this blog entry.

I envision spending the next few weeks covered in pee and poop, never leaving our property and becoming a raging alcoholic so that I don't care that I am covered in pee and poop and sentenced to house arrest with a two year old.

Or Punkin' could see the light and this could be over by tomorrow.

Yeah, right......


AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

See. You knew what you were getting in...