Life in the Fish Bowl


The Mind of a Two Year Old

My Punkin' has really been a hoot here lately. Always something funny coming out of his mouth.

When I was having my miscarriage he went and stayed with his Aunt for a couple of days. I guess he had fun there jumping on the bed (can't do at home), running around outside bare foot (not at home), etc, etc.

He seemed very glad to see his Mommy when he came home though, so all was well. Then Saturday night this happens:

He puts on his crocs.

He grabs his two three foot tall, blow up pink flamingos.

He announces "I'm going to Auntie's".

"But I have to get my purse."

Yes, he said he had to get his purse.

He then got the little green cloth goody bag he got at the same birthday party where he snagged the pink flamingos, put it over his shoulder and went to the door. I told him it was a long way to Auntie's house, that he had better start walking.

He looked back and forth at me and Daddy and said :

"It's too late to go", put down his purse things and started watching tv.

I called Auntie to tell her what he had said, as she had been worried that he didn't have fun at her house because he was so glad to be home (???? - I told her that if she was as sweet as me her kids would be that glad to be home too!!). When I asked him if he wanted to talk to her he said

"No. It is too late to be on the phone."

I immediately had a flashback to my DD saying "Decent people (meaning me???) don't talk on the phone after 9:00".

I thought about putting Punkin' to bed without any supper just to prove a point.

But it was too late.