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Its Summertime and the Viewing is Crappy

So summer is here and all of my shows are on hiatus until fall. Time for the B team to make its debut. They aren't necessarily the best shows out there, but I have been pleasantly surprised at the number of new episodes showing this summer.

My DVD timers:

  • Reunited: The Real World Vegas - looking to be the most boring reality show ever
  • Top Chef - love me some Top Chef
  • Bad Girls Road Trip - this one is really sucking, too
  • The Dead Zone - stars Anthony Michael Hall, the nerd from the Breakfast Club, based on the Stephen King novel and actually pretty good
  • The 4400 - haven't decided if this one is good or bad, but I've watched every episode
  • Real World/Road Rules Challenge - go good guys!
  • Entourage - Good show, but it's no Sopranos or Sex in the City
  • Big Love - Great show about a functional dysfunctional family
  • Hell's Kitchen - Chef needs a foot in his ass
  • The Closer - Great lady in charge cop show, but work on that southern accent Kyra

    And for the kiddie (of course I wouldn't watch these, no, no)

  • The Wonder Pets! - the phone, the phone is ringing
  • The Land Before Time - one of our Punkin's new favorites
  • Harry and His Bucketfull of Dinosaurs - we've watched these too many times to like them anymore, but it is a cute show if you like dinosaurs
  • Thomas and Friends - this show will cost you $$$ if your kid likes it
  • Signing Time - Punkin loves the zoo episode and has learned a few signs, too
  • Little Einsteins - Another great Disney show with lots of learning opportunities
  • Go, Diego, Go! - Animals, animals, animals, Punkin's favorite things
  • Dora the Explorer - I. Hate. Dora. Dora, Dora, Dora the explorer....(can't get that stupid song out of my head. Just ask the other shoppers at WalMart...)
  • Franklin - I like Franklin.
  • Little Bear - I tolerate, but prefer the similar, but better Franklin
  • The Smurfs (I'm so proud!) - going back to my childhood, one episode at a time

We actually have 42 timers, but I don't want to bore you even more so I'll leave the non-new episodes for another time.

I know this was a lame excuse for a post, but I was feeling bloggy, but not very imaginative!


AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

Did you notice the use of P's real name here?