Life in the Fish Bowl


Bedtime at Punkin's House


Punkin': I don't want to sleep anymore!

Me: You are a little boy. You have to sleep.

P: I lub Daddy.


P: I am not a turd. I am Punkin'.

M: (laughs)

P: I'm a turkey. Gobble, gobble.

P & M: (laugh)

P: Let's play sounds. Gobble, gobble.

M: Go to Sleep. Turd.


P: Mommy, I lub you. I lub you very much.


P: (kicks M in ribs, jabs M in neck with elbow)

M: I'm gonna put you outside to sleep on the deck.

P: I don't want to sleep outside. It is very dangerous and there are dirty worms.



I get up and leave him in his room alone.


That little shit is still banging around in there, wide awake, tearing the place apart.

I can hardly keep my eyes open.

May go sleep on the deck with the worms. The very dangerous and dirty worms.