Life in the Fish Bowl


Adventures in Potty Training

Today was day 11 of hell potty training. Punkin' is doing better than I expected. He made his first outing in his big boy underwear (Diego if you must know!) - an exciting trip to WalMart. Since we haven't left the house in 11 days we were in dire need of groceries. We were gone about an hour and a half and he stayed completely dry.

**Warning** Enter the bathrooms in the Alabaster, Alabama, WalMart at your own risk. I have never seen anything so disgusting in my life!

So we have the pee under control. No accidents in several days. Now poop is a different story. He is still gifting me with a warm, stinky package each day - if not more than one. I have offered him bribes rewards to poop in the potty - rewards which he cries for - but he still refuses to make a deposit.

I am sooooooo tired of living, sleeping, breathing poop!!!!! Since he is very stubborn (my mother says this is payback) I think I'll just let him poop where he wants and maybe he will then go in the toilet just to piss me off. At least I feel like we can venture out and rejoin the world again.

On a happier note, he was so much fun at WalMart today. I guess he was as tired of being cooped up in this house as I was. He smiled and talked to and flirted with every woman/girl we passed. He said hi and excuse me and hey and look at my rhino. He even pointed out to one Mom and her three girls that the rhino had "horns and a tail and ears four legs and a back".

And a back. Now how many two year old's know that a rhino has a back?

My little Einstein. I'm sure he'll soon be offered his own show on Animal Planet.

I would like to be the mother of a star. I'm picking out my new car already......