Life in the Fish Bowl


Those People

I hate those people.

You know, the ones who come up to you and say "I heard something really interesting about X today, .......but I can't tell you". WTF? If you couldn't tell me why did you even bring it up!?!?

An aquaintance I had in a former life, who I will only refer to as The Troll, had an annoying habit of doing it at least a couple of times a week. All I could ever think was that this Troll needs to go back under it's bridge. Don't bring things up to me - anal, compulsive, nosey me - if you aren't going to spill the beans.

Why am I complaining about those people you ask?

I can very easily answer that question for you.

I know the answer.

.....I just can't tell you.


Serina Hope said...

GRRRR I hate those people.