Life in the Fish Bowl


Those People

I hate those people.

You know, the ones who come up to you and say "I heard something really interesting about X today, .......but I can't tell you". WTF? If you couldn't tell me why did you even bring it up!?!?

An aquaintance I had in a former life, who I will only refer to as The Troll, had an annoying habit of doing it at least a couple of times a week. All I could ever think was that this Troll needs to go back under it's bridge. Don't bring things up to me - anal, compulsive, nosey me - if you aren't going to spill the beans.

Why am I complaining about those people you ask?

I can very easily answer that question for you.

I know the answer.

.....I just can't tell you.

I Very Love You, Too!!!

My little man is quite the talker.

Don't know where he gets it from, but he is. He has quite a vocabulary and has become quite adept at getting his thoughts into words. When asked yesterday if he wanted to get in the shower he said "No. I can play in the bathtub. I can't play in the shower."

Come on now, he's only 2 1/2 years old.

This may not seem like much to those of you more experienced in dealing with children, but to a newbie like me it is a big deal. I mean I know he thinks, well I thought he did, but now he is actually proving that he reasons by putting his reasoning into words. My little man!

He does have some problems with pronouns, however. "Mommy, sit in my lap" means he wants to sit in MY lap. He's getting better, but pronouns seem to be his biggest hurdle to using proper english. Well, besides who he is learning from....

Some errors I don't really care if he remedies. He has been quite affectionate lately, but the last few days has come up with a new one.


"Yes, Punkin'?"

"I very love you."


What do you do? Correct his grammer? Why, hell no.

You say "I very love you too, baby!".

He is too sweet.

Very too sweet.

Let Them Eat Cake, Pt. 2

So I recently made my first attempt at decorating a cake without assistance from an instructor.

I think it turned out ok, if definitely not perfect.
It tasted good anyway! No fancy flowers or decorations, but a good first try.

We are "learning" flowers in my class right now, though I am doing a terrible job on most of them. You do need some talent and not just willingness to try for some of this stuff and you can guess which I have. Hint: not talent!
Being really fast on an adding machine and knowing when to debit and when to credit counts for absolutely nothing when trying to make a rose.

I'll post pictures of my basketweave with flowers debacle cake on Tuesday.

Tips for Leading a More Stress Free Life, Part 1.5

This view...
This as home base....

This sweetie pie keeping you company...

This much fun .....