Life in the Fish Bowl


To Nap or Not to Nap....That is the Question

Nap time used to be easy. Within ten minutes he would be out like a light. Recently, with the decent deep into the terrible twos, it has become quite a battle. Yesterday he told me "I am not going to sleep anymore. I am going to play in the basement". Today there were no declarations of intent, but he only fell asleep after 45 minutes of screaming at the top of his lungs. Now I use the word screaming because that is what it was. Not crying, screaming. What happened to my easy-does-it baby? He has definitely left the building!

Today, though, it could be because he was hopped up on sugar. We bought a "birthday" cupcake so he could practice blowing out the candle - as opposed to spitting it out. We still need practice. He has picked his birthday cake for this year out of a magazine, and though the photo is not of a cake we are going to make it into one. He kind of went a little off the deep end with it : "I want this! I want it! I want it! Order it now! I want it!"

We did animals for his party last year, but the fascination with them has yet to subside. Anyway, I would like for everyone at the party to enjoy the cake and I'm sure they would rather my Little Man didn't blow spit all over it. Sweet as he is, even I don't want to eat his spit.....