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Doing your job --- or not

Operator What ever happened to doing your job and doing it right? My first job was at Winn Dixie. We were trained on how to check groceries, how to bag them, and how to deal with customers. If you weren't competent at this you had to go work somewhere else. Now I made the gigantic sum of $3.35 per hour, but I was paid to do X, and to do X a certain way and I did it.

I just paid painters over $2K to paint my living room, dining room and foyer and they did a crappy job. Then proceeded to tell me I was too picky. After much thought, two follow up phone calls and five days of looking at the amateur job my professionals did I called and stopped payment on the check (which he had had since Thursday and not bothered to deposit, thankfully).

Now I have their attention. Of course he can't believe I would "stop the check", say his guys did a poor job, or act this way. I was told that I had a ten year old house and that I must want a new one. What an ass. What ever happened to customer service? If the attitude toward the customer had not been so poor, the customer would have had confidence in the service provider and not forced to take more drastic measures. You know you act like the customer is crazy when talking to your coworkers or crew, not to the customer's face! And, by the way, I'm NOT crazy! Just want a pro to do a better job than I could do myself!

So Thursday I will have a crew of painters in my house cussing me out in Spanish while I stand in front of them not understanding (well, I know a few of the good words!) and hoping they do me right and get out of my house for good within a day or so.

I figure if you take a job, whatever it is, do it and do it right. Don't take it if you can't handle it or aren't willing to put in the time and effort it takes to do it right. Or at the very least stay the hell away from my house!!!!!!

PS. I paint well - just not ceilings over ten foot (mine are 14 or I'd have done it myself) - and need money. Maybe my next career - from Accountant to house painter..........
I So Rock

PSS - Can you tell I just figured out how to get these emoticons into my blog?!?!?