Life in the Fish Bowl


Damn DVR!

So lately it has been a real ordeal getting Aidan to sleep. Yesterday to drown out his screaming I started singing "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall". I made it through all 99 bottles and, even though I don't like beer (except for Belgian Lambic beer which at $9 a bottle I can no longer afford and probably couldn't find in Alabama anyway) I was in desperate need of a bottle or two before he went to sleep. ANYWAY, tonight I lay down with him and ask him what he wants me to sing and he says "I want beer". HA! Can't wait until he tells that to his Nanny!

So the painters come tomorrow to erase the beige and I have yet to pick up all of the crap from my living room. This wouldn't be such a big deal, but in four minutes it will be tomorrow. I'm just sitting here wasting time because I am pissed that I forgot to record the Sopranos tonight. Or more to the point, I did try to record them, but there was a conflict and the recording was bumped to tomorrow night. Now don't get me wrong, I like to know whats happening on Wisteria Lane, but I need my Sopranos fix. It's nearly 12:00, I've got no Sopranos or Entourage (conflict, too) to watch and I've still got five hours of shows recorded from tonight. And painter prep. Oh, Sopranos came on again at 11:00 on HBO West and I missed it too. Dammit. Fuggedaboutit.....

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