Life in the Fish Bowl


The Bug Man and the Fish

So this morning was a whirlwind of cleaning due to the fact that the Bug Man was coming. I was going to clean up last night, but spent the whole evening either trying to get my Little Man to sleep or playing on the internet. So as a result I got to spend three hours this morning trying to get my house to the point where it would look like I had let it go for a couple of days. What a slob.

Now the Bug Man, he likes to talk. And - duh - I like to talk. Add in the fact that my Little Man likes to talk too, and you know there was going to be trouble. The Bug Man and I are discussing how advanced the Little Man is when we hear a big swoooosh. We both run in the kitchen where my neglected child has pulled his fish bowl off of the counter and dumped fish, water and all in the floor. Fish is flopping, I am yelling, Bug Man is wondering what to do next. So I spooned up the fish, the Bug Man helped get the water up, and my Little Man splashed squishy wet footprints all over my only-let-go-for-a-few-days house. In all of the confusion we forget to have the Bug Man spray down the AC vent where the Little Man likes to poke his goldfish - crackers, not swimmers- and miscellaneous other treasures. But I did find one Thomas the Tank Engine, a Fisher-Price horse, 3 pieces of Eggo (flavors undiscernable), a Cheese-It, the mangled corpses of a school of Goldfish and what I think/hope was once turkey bacon while preparing for the missed spray.

Its time for nap now - his, not mine - and a poopy diaper is calling my name. He just hugged me and told me it was going to be all better, how sweet. Then he informed me I had boogies (???) in my ears. Wouldn't want me to get too full of myself, I guess (though how could I when I still have to clean up and dispose of his latest stinky creation).

For the second day in a row we didn't make it to buy groceries so I'll be eating those pieces of Eggo, Goldfish remains and the Cheese-It for lunch. I'm not so sure about trying that turkey bacon....